February 7,2015

Raw apple cake


This cake  has a great taste,is healthy,simple to make and easy to digest. It is possible to modify the quantity and proportions of the ingredients  based on the individual taste, size of the cake form and desired high of the cake.  I have used  23cm in diameter  cake form  with removable side part.



Corpus:  250g buckwheat flakes, buckwheat semolina ( not necessary), honey, grated coconut,water
Filling: 5 grated medium sized apples, 2 table spoons of chia seeds, ½ very well mushed avocado,grated coconut,honey,milled poppy seeds,cinnamon,fresh lemon juice

Put the flakes in the bowl,pour over with a bit of water and add honey ( 1 tablespoon or more – as desired). Mix together well. Add grated coconut  and buckwheat semolina (if necessary) to get a nice thick consistency. Put this mixure into the cake form ( filled on the bottom and sides with baking wax paper) and press well at the bottom of the form.

Mix well all the filling ingredients together . The mixure should be of a thicker consistency, not watery.Place  and  gently press on the top of the corpus. Sprinkle with grated coconut and put into the fridge for a while before serving.




Author of an article and the photography: Martina Menšíková
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