February 3,2015

Beetroot and Jeruzalem artychoke salad with horseradish


Salad:  three smaller beetroots,one big or three smaller Jeruzalem artychokes,an apple,finely grated horseradish
Marinade: olive oil,organic apple cider vinegar and pink himalayan salt
Dressing: full hand of cashew nuts,horseradish finely grated,fresh lemon juice,pink hymalayan salt,nori flakes

Grate roughly beetroot,Jeruz. Artychokes and apple into a bowl.Add  fine grated horseradish as desired. Pour over the marinade prepared by mixing the olive oil,apple cider vinegar and pink himalayan salt. Mix all well together and leave on the side.

In a meanwhile put keshu nuts,fine grated horseradish, fresh lemon juice and a bit of water into the blender and blend on  a high speed.Add salt , nori flakes and mix well again. Add ingredients according to your taste and desired consistency of the dressing. I have used a lemon juice from a half of the bigger sized lemon and quite a lot of grated  horseradish in order to get a sharper flavour. I also prefer thicker consistency of the dressing.

Serve salad on a dinner plate and place dressing on the top.

This salad is a helpful solution for women in menstrual phase of the monthly cycle.Beetroot supports blood formation,while nori flakes help to remineralize the body.



Author of an article and the photography: Martina Menšíková
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