8.9.2014 cz

Plum smoothie




Pitted plums,one table spoon of chia seeds,full hand of cilantro,cinamon,honey - in a case the plums are not sweet enough

Put the plums,chia seeds and cinamon into a blender ( I fill half of a 1,5l blender container with the plums) and fill with the water. Put it on the side for a while to let the chia seeds and the cinamon soak in the water. Add cilantro and blend until smooth. If necessary,add honey.

Plums are rich source of vitamins B (including the vitamin B12),H and E. They are rich in minerals like potassium,phosphorus,iron,calcium and also contain lesser amount of sulphur and zinc.



Author of an article and the photography: Martina Menšíková


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