September 26,2015

The Spiritual Aspect of Sex

SEX,The spiritual Aspect.When a man enters your womb,what type of energy and consciousness does he have? Is he bitter,is he happy,does he love himself,does he love you? Is he a positive or negative thinker?

When a lady makes love to you is she blessing or cursing you?Is she bitter,is she happy,does she love herself,does she love you?
Sex  is a ritual of exchanging energies,thoughts,emotions and spirits.During sex you become a spiritual sponge for the consciousness amd energy of that other person.

Each pump and thrust is an affirmation.Are they draining your life force and energy,or are they rechrging,healing and re-fueling your spirit?„Be Mindful Of  The True Power Of Sex“.

Sex is a "sacred energy xchange" and science that shouldnt be taken lightly.We are gods and co-creators of this planet and you shouldnt play around with your divine creative force without being disciplined with purpose, intention, and vibration.Otherwise, what ur left with is energy misappropriation and mis-creation.Women have the capacity to birth heaven on earth and gods, or a bunch of parasites depending on level ur vibrating at.If women were more prudent and knew that they were literal gateways to heaven and portals between dimensions then they would be more picky on who they copulate with.Women have the power to change the world over night once standards are implemented,you have to direct our masculine energy/force to build ur queendom on earth. We must raise the goddesses because it is they who possess the power to our transmogrification.



Author of an article: Mandela Sirius-c Naga

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