January 7,2016

The Truth of the Spiritual Feminine: the All-Seeing, All-Feeling Powers of the Mystic

“One of the primary reasons why the spiritual feminine has been maligned and suppressed for centuries is because it represents the ability to see the truth, and to uncover authentic power from any place it has been hidden.

A seer or mystic, high priest or priestess, oracle or diviner, healer or alchemist - all of these sacred roles have one thing in common: they are always attuned to revealing the truth behind the ego's cover-up. In other words, they are committed to accessing the well of divine power in any person or situation, and bringing anything that is a product of fear back into the realm of love.

The reason that anyone turns to an oracle or healer for guidance is to reveal the divine truth. Revealing the divine truth is not always what the querent wants to hear, because in order to get to the truth, we need to face up to the games of the ego. Before we access the authentic place of power and love in any person or situation, we always have to see what has been masquerading as truth.

It is staggering what the ego will do to run from truth. It is mind-blowing what the ego will do to dissuade a person from believing how powerful the divine Self inside them really is. Many people spend lifetimes stuck in exhausting, self-sabotaging and drama-filled patterns of denial and repression because they are so scared of confronting the truth of who they really are.

Confronting the truth of who you really are means that you can no longer hide from your power. It means that you have to face up to all the places in which you have hidden your light, and pretended that you were feeling alive. Seeing the truth means that all at once, you have to step up and let your God-given gifts reign supreme.

This is why people who carry the codes of the Sacred Feminine are so often feared, and perceived as a threat. It is because they burn through illusions with their eyes. They see through anything that masquerades as love, but is really based on fear. They see how the manipulations of the ego really work, and they can smell fraudulent set-ups from miles away.

Everything may look just peachy on the surface, but the true mystic can see the divine undercurrents. The true Seer feels in his or her body that something is just not aligned. It is the deep work of the Sacred Transformers on this planet to stir up and blow the cover of many situations in which truth is being denied.

Even if you don't want to do this job of dismantling the ego in other people, you will find yourself put in places where your energy is needed. It causes discomfort, and it provokes waves of turbulence. It is not always smooth sailing: people often resist very strongly having their Shadows brought up in their faces.

But this is the job of the True Mystic. You don't go around telling people what their egos want to hear. Your job is to blast them awake, to return them to the magnificent ocean of love and power that resides inside them, to show them that there is a higher choice than the narrow, fearful, restricted path of the lower self. "

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Author: Sophie Bashford

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