February 9,2015

By the children´s eyes

When I was about four or five years old, the teacher at preschool  handed a flower to every child to pass it to our mothers as a gift for mothers day. Seemingly such an innocent event has been written in my heart since and I have never forgotten that moment. I was speachless. I have never seen anything more beautiful than that. And the amazing smell. The world around me dissolved and I was staring at that masterpiece. I studied every detail of the yellow flower. I carried the flower home and refused anyone else to have that honor to hold it. I asked my mother what the plant was.“ That´s daffodil“, she replied. The word sounded very difficult to me at that time, so I had to repeat it several times loudly in order to remember it. We put the plant into the glass vase and placed it on the shelf in my parents bedroom. I spent most of the time with it, becauseI felt very good in presence of this flower. I kept saying to it how beautiful it was. I was waking up with the thought of the yellow mirracle and went to see the daffodil first thing in the morning. When the flower wilted, I lost a friend.

Since that time I started paying a lot of attention to the plants, especially the flowers and spent plenty of time in their presence. When I started going to school, my grandmother helped me to create my own small rockery with small rose in the middle and many other plants around. At spring I started to observe them every single day to see how they grew and when they were going to blossom. I didn´t want to miss even one tiny flower to get unfolded. When I grew up, I still loved the flowers, but I didn´t perceive them as before anymore – by the children´s eyes. And because of that I deprived myself of many pleasant feelings and experiences. But at the certain point on my spiritual journey the plants continued to be my guides and healers. Every flower has its own specific  essence and vibration. Pure, immaculate. The flowers influence our personal vibration. They can open our heart and help to get in touch with our feelings and emotions. The shapes and colors of the flowers is an art reminding us the magnificence of the power creating this reality.And the daffodils? Every time I smell them, I remember our first meeting.



Author of the article and the photography: Martina Menšíková
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