February 28,2015

Let the Love flow

When we are born to this world,our survival depends only on love and care of our parents and our surroundings.This is fact,which every baby senses very well.Even a little disharmony,non-acceptance,late feeding and inadequate clothing feels as a life threatening situation for the baby. How many of us were born to the parents who were in this regard consciouss enough, loving and had us from the reason of pure love to each other?The baby feels every disharmony and lack which stores in a  body (emotional body) in a form of a vibration of the emotional traumas. And then,in a ceratin point in our lifes, we set off on a journey of filling these „gaps“,the missing parts of our childhood. It is the same with the love. If we look for a love for the reason to fill lack in our life,it is going to be an exhausting  hunt and we will never find real love.It is going to be unconsciouss fight of a little baby for survival. If we fill this hole by ourselves,meaning that we start loving ourselves the most,then we will be surprised,how much love there is around us and how it streams toward us.Then we are also able to love others selflessly.And then the love flows....



Author of an article and the photography: Martina Atiriamin Christová
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