April 3 .2015

The thoughts and higher vibrations


Abby and I went to the woods behind the house this morning to get fresh nettles and wild garlic . We met a girl with two dogs there.One of them was a female of  Bernese mountain dog. We know the dog. We´ve met previously and sometimes Abby and I walk by the place the dog lives. She seems very agresive and that is the reason why the owner always keeps her on a leash while walking her.Every time he sees us he makes sure to make a big round passing us,because he has a hard time to hold the dog. But today „the mountainer“ run away from the girl and started following Abby. I have always been wondering how would Abby behave meeting  big agresive dog. That day has arrived. There was a chase,fight and all that was underlined with a huge fear of the girl who was affraid that her dog was going to kill Abby at least. I tried to calm the teenager down by saying that the „girls“ will sort things out by themselves,but she didn´t believe me much. In turns,Abby was running away and facing the fight,but naturally,she  isn´t agressive dog. After a while she just stood cautiously with her ears pulled back face to face to the attacker.She gave me a few short confused looks. I was standing a few meters behind the mountainer. And because I heard the girl yelling at that dog by her name,I called the dog by her name too, despite she had a foam at her mouth and anger in her eyes.And than I spoke to her calmly.Right to the soul.I told her how beautiful and good she was. I didn´t only tell her that,I felt that. I saw her like that. She turned her head towards me. The eyes full of anger immedialtelly changed in the eyes filled with surprise. We were looking into each other eyes and she all of sudden turned her back to Abby and walked towards me. By the time she stood in front of me she was radiating love and gratitude. She was standing in front of me,looking into my eyes and hers were filled with bliss. I was just about to stroke her head when the girl called her and the dog started peacefully walking to her. After a few meters she turned her head and gave me the last loving glance. And than I got another loving expression from Abby in a form of  strong loving hug and her closeness afterwards. Even now as I am writing this article,she is sleeping by my chair.

This story shows several things. First of all,I managed to hold positive perception and inner peace. It means that I was not worried about Abby,I didn´t accept the idea that the mountainer was a mean dog keen on  to kill and  was aware of the dangerous vibration of the fear the girl was holding, which I consciously eliminated to a minimum. In this situation I was consciously  holding my mind in a positive mode,which means higher vibrations – the energy everybody around has to accomodate to,including the dogs. Abby was the one who reacted first to it,because we have a strong connection. Than the vibrations of the girl changed and at the end the energy of the attacker.So this whole drama had peaceful and  harmonious ending.This shows how powerful we are and how our inner peace,love and belief can change dramatic situations around us.
Second...I have realized and experienced how much has everything alive around us been waiting for our human love and consciousness. Animals,plants,stones and the whole planet.It has been waiting for humanity to finaly wake up and start to „feel,respect and love“. Love is the highest power that can not only change this world,but the surrounding universe. It is an energy which we cannot live without. If you live without love,you practically are not living,but surviving – you and everything around you is slowly dying. Living in love you are getting younger and are becoming immortal. Love is the elixir and the biggest gift you can give or receive.And it is also true for animals.
Regarding the dogs,they are perfect mirror of their owner and behave in a way their owner expects them to ,better to say – what he is affraid of. If you believe that your dog is mean and will kill other dogs it meets,the dog will behave accordingly. The dog is like a Universe. It reacts to our vibrations – our thoughts,feelings and emotions. At the end I realized that this whole experience wasn´t about how Abby was going to handle facing big „aggresive“ dog,but how I was going to handle it. Because it is us who  came to return the things back to love.

The thoughts are a key aspect which create our vibrations and therefore our reality. Nothing enters our life unless we „invite it  vibrationally“. I consider taming the mind as the most important task for the humanity. Tame the mind and start changing the thoughts was a big challenge for me. But when I started finally succeding, my life started changing almost immedialtely. From one day to another. I was observing the first sign of the change in meeting different people. The ones I was meeting on regular basis(some of them on every day basis)disappeared from my life despite being neighbours. They were exchanged by happier,more satisfied and more conscious ones. Vibrationally I don´t attract the original ones into my reality and that´s why I don´t meet them  anymore.It seems like we live in a different dimensions now.
There is more and more people on the planet  who are experiencing expanded consciousness,extrasenosory abilities,comunication with angels,quides and other beings of all the different kinds,but despite that it is often difficult for us to handle our own mind. It is one of the most important things which „we“ came here to do. There is nobody else who could do this instead of us.

Positive thoughts evoke a pleasant feelings and vice versa.They influence the levels of hormones,because the hormones react to our thoughts and initiate  certain processes in the body. Let´s  ask ourselves a question: „ What processes in the body will be initiated by having beautiful and happy thoughts and which by bad,negative and unpleasant ones ?“ It is possible to use our feelings as a navigation and consciously choose what we want to think about – the things which are bringing us joy.

The thoughts are an energy and therefore we inherit them. We start inheriting them already in our prenatal season. If we are hunted by some negative thoughts,it is adviced to ask where they originated from. We might realize that our mother or grandmother had similar way of  thinking. These family thought patterns are sometimes difficult to find and release,because we consider the environment we grew up at as standard, according to which we judge the surrounding world. But at the  moment when we realize the toxicity of our thoughts and their origin,we already change our own vibration,despite we haven´t eliminated them yet. Eliminating and changing thought patterns is a process. But the more we consciously work with our thoughts  we are becoming  more alert and conscious,vibrationally stronger and can more easily change the way we have been thinking.

Absolutely  amazing help in obtaining positive mind and conscious work on mental level is looking at the Sun - sungazing. You can find instructions on how to look safely at the Sun and what to expect from this practice at: http://www.slunecnabrana.eu/Slunce/I%20How%20to%20look%20at%20the%20Sun.htm

Another way how to help to tame the mind is to ask ourself what is the particular thought going to bring to our  reality – meaning to decide if we want to keep that thought or release it.

We give the thoughts extra charge with our belief. The more we believe them,the stronger they become.And because when we believe in something, it sure will manifest in our life.

The food we eat influences our thoughts very much.The best food for our thoughts to feed is „wild“ and raw vegan food. This is why I made the trip to get fresh nettles and wild garlic. The plants available at this time,freshly picked,eaten raw as soon as possible also make  „vibrational update“ for our body,because they carry current energy of the Earth. You can make pesto out of them or some other kind of spread or you can blend them in a water, strain it and with lemon juice and honey you  will have delicious lifegiving anti inflammatory  drink full of vitamins and minerals.

It is worth of working on changing our thoughts to raise our vibration  in order to move into happier and more loving energy levels. The higher our vibrations are the  safer and more satisfied life we live,because what we vibrationally radiate,it comes back to us. It makes us feel like living in a bubble which protects us from everything undesirable.The more we live in higher vibrational state, more easily we can change situations around us – the same way as described int the story. Like that we are becoming strong and  consciouss creators of our own reality.
You think  it´s too difficult to change our thoughts? Remember.....If you believe,it is going to be like that.


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Author of the article and the photography: Martina Menšíková
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