Raw food as a fashion trend...?


A friend of mine has emailed me a link to an article on lidovky.cz about raw food phenomena where the raw food was commented as a fashion trend.It has inspired me to write this article.Raw food is not only a fashion trend. Such an opinion is taking us in a wrong  direction.Eating raw food is a return to our original and natural state of eating to which all of us sooner  or later will be heading.



The fact,that the raw food is not only a fashion trend but our serious future I would like to share my own experience.
Since early childhood I have been searching for a higher meaning and the purpose of  life. As the time went by and life progressed I have been  trying to find a place where I could find this higher purpose and live it.I have travelled, did all the different jobs,had plenty of hobbies but none of this could give a peace to my soul and my frustration was growing. As it happens also in my life I came to a breaking point and I consciously became a seeker who still was learning from the pain and mistakes. One day I started wondering if it was necessary to grow spiritually in a painful way.I decided to terminate all the pain and the traumas which in a weak moments were taking over charge of my life.Sometimes it is enough to make a firm decision and the answers start coming to our lifes. For me the biggest answer was the Sun.

I must mention that I have never precisely followed any eating trends.On my journey I have reached the point when  all the food which was mostly vegetarian was making me feel sick and drawn off energy.Despite feeling mentally and emotionally great and experiencing euphoria,joy and happiness, physically I suffered all the kinds of discomfort and chronic fatique when eating even a dry slice of bread.My work with the Sun has deepened this condition and in despair I have asked my body what it needs. The following day I woke up  with cravings for a dandelion.I was determined to eat anything the body asked for in order to feel physically finaly well.But I still was not willing to search and  follow any healthy diets or eating trends which sooner or later new findings disprove.It seemed natural to me to eat what my body craves for. In that time I have come across the information about the  effect refined sugar,white flour and dairies have on our organism.I stoped eating those and felt much,much better immediatelly.The chronic dseases I have been suffering were immediately gone. I started speculating that maybe vegan food would be the right one for me and piled up a vegan recepies. But my body was asking for a raw food through a strong cravings for anything green and uncooked.At that time I started coming across the  information about people who live on a raw food.This has been something new to me and I didn´t know there were people eating raw food for  years already.I felt inspired with some recipes.Raw food was immediately making me feel physically very good. My body was literally sucking the nutrition it needed and was "getting alive". I could tell the body was undernourished due to  past eating habits.I didn´t restrict myself and was eating tuns of fruit and vegetables from my own garden.This food intensified my work with the Sun and my body woke up. It has become an important partner on my journey who was letting me know through specific feelings if it was going to support my thoughts,opinions and decisions or not. On top of that I was experiencing enormous physical energy. I was amazed with the body intelligence which has been supressed for so long thanks to eating  inappropriate food.My body led me to eating a very simple food in form of seasonal fruits. I realized that the Creator serves us exactly what we need in the right time of the year. And the body knows that.

Despite all this as the fall approached the country I live in,I partially started eating clean not chemically treated vegan cooked food from my own resources which I preferred to raw but chemically treated food. It didn´t take long though before my body started requiring raw food again. Also the taste has been changing and in amazement I was observing how my favourite vegan cooked meals all of sudden do not taste good to me. It is not only about the taste but also about how you feel physically and mentally after eating raw food and after eating cooked food.....even if you only eat steamed vegetable or boiled potatoes. The person who is sensitive to energies and can feel the vibration of food certainly understands what I am trying to say here.



We are all  going through intensive evolutionary process on this planet and in certain point the raw food becomes unnecessary for our bodies in order to integrate and keep new  energies coming to earth.The structure of our physical bodies is changing and we are literally going through the mutation process. This fact requires to pay our attention also to the vibration of the food we eat.

Raw food is one of the ways how to take responsibility for our own health and take over the reins of our life into our own hands.It also causes a change on mental level and that is a change of thinking. The vibrations of our thoughts,feelings and emotions correspond to what we eat and vice versa.This means that food can heal us mentally,physically and emotionally. Our cravings and food we decide to eat is an indicator of our current state of mind (to which our feelings and emotions correspond).It means that the raw food is not only a healing agent,but it also can mirror our inner state of being at the particular moment.Considering that it´s the thoughts,feelings and emotions who create our reality,we certainly understand the important role of the food in our lifes.

Also people who don´t  consciously work on their spiritual growth start having problems with eating ordinary processed food.There has been a lots of conditions and alergies suffered due to food. The fact that the processed food you get in grocery stores are filled with additives unacceptable and undigestable for human body only accelerates the process of changing eating habits and making new choices in regard of food.

Civilization diseases are catalysts for asking the questions,looking for the answers and solutions to this situation. The key answer is the food and the conscious choices we are making in regard of the good quality groceries. And more and more people starts realizing this.

Good quality seasonal grown food is our link to the earth and sun energies. We have shut ourselves into the offices, apartments, cars with air conditioning, put sun glasses on the nose and applied sun screen lotions on our skin. We have forgotten that our health, spiritual evolution and prosperity depends on our energetic connection to the earth and the sun, where the food is a strong  medium who can help us with this issue.




Raw food definitely is for some people just a fashion trend, but trend that strengthens health and clears the mind. The raw food phenomena is an answer to the difficulties we have been experiencing for a long time. Aren´t we living in an amazing time of change? Isn´t it wonderful to experience this changes , exchanging and sharing ideas and experiences in regard of eating habits? Raw food is not just a fashion trend, it is a new beginning……wonderful phenomena!



Author of the article and the photography: Martina Atiriamin Christová

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