Taming the mind

Thoughts,thoughts,thoughts! We hear from all the directions that we should think positive,change our thoughts in order to change our life,because it´s our thoughts that create our reality.This is true,but to change our negative thoughts into the positive ones is not always an easy task.Considering,that we adopt our  thoughts,beliefs and thought patterns from our surroundings already in  prenatal season and that these thoughts have each of them their own neuropath in the brain for a years already,this change is not going to happen from one day to another.This change is even more difficult realizing,that our thoughts are inherited from our parents,great parents,greatgreatparents......and so we could continue. We carry within ourselves such a strongly rooted opinions and beliefs that we do not even realize they might be unhealthy.

Every our thought and belief has its own vibration,which according to the law of attraction attracts into our life everything that corresponds with this vibration. The cells of our body are closely connected to our mind and therefore they also carry the vibration of our thoughts. The negative thoughts have lower vibration than positive thoughts.This means that if we intentionally raise our physical body vibration,there is a natural change in direction of positive thinking and vise versa.If we stop believing our particular negative opinion and replace it with positive thought,the neuropathway of the original belief ceases to exist and a new neuropathway formed by a new higher vibrational thought is being created.The female brain forms more easily new neuropathways in a follicular phase of the menstrual cycle,which is also the best time to learn new things and work toward the change of thinking.The body cells mirror the changes in thinking,therefore the person who thinks positive seems to “glow“ more. If the majority of our thoughts are negative and destructive thoughts,it is difficult to change this set up,as the negative thoughts are in superiority and every time when we want to change a thought,in a weak moment they get in control and we find ourselves in a witches circle.

There are plenty of methods,traditional exercises and techniques on how to change our thinking. Unfortunately these techniques require long years of practise and the results come at a very slow pace. Many times we don´t even know what the  inner issue we are dealing with and how.There isn´t anybody who would do this work instead of us just by waving a magic wand. Except one! The real helper in this matter is the Sun,when by getting the lifegiving highvibrational sunlight through our eyes directly to the brain we create an energetic environment,where the low vibrational neuropathways cannot exist any longer and they dissipate.With a regular sungazing in a safe hours we can eliminate a large number of negative thoughts-low vibrational neuropathways,without consciously working on each mental pattern.The particular thoughts and traumas which require our deeper attention become much easier to work with as we are already tuned to a higher vibrations which support such a conscious work.The higher vibrational state of the mind,physical body and energetic bodies will spontaneously attract joyfull positive thoughts,people and circumstances to our lifes. Our mind gets stronger and becomes a powerfull tool for creating our own reality. /The information on safe sungazing can be found at www.sluecnabrana.eu in articles How to look at the Sun(I)-(III) /

We can obtain another big help in changing our thougts and raising our vibration from the food we eat.The best food for such a purpose is vegan raw food diet. The second would be vegan diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.Raw and fresh grown food contains the current earth vibration and is filled with sunlight.If we fill our physical bodies with such an energy,our thoughts will change.We can support this change by adding highly vibrational food into our diet.  Such food as:ginger,lemon,poppy seeds,honey,berries-raspberries,blackberries,bluebarries,strawberries,grape vine,lavender,apple cider vinegar,spirulina,chlorophyl,seaweed,chia seeds,hempseeds,coconut oil,chaga and reishi

To maintain and support our higher vibrational state we spend time in nature,in a company of positive people and our pets,by walking barefoot,swimming in natural waters,drinking spring water,listening favourite music and generally by choosing activities which bring us joy and pleasant feelings.



Author of the article and the photography: Martina Atiriamin Christová

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