June 5,2014

To live the Uniqueness !

The Sun has changed me. No doubts about it. Since I found the way back to the Sun it was like the new being started to be born. The first my mind was healed – the Sun has changed my thoughts and healed the pain,showed me how to heal the traumas I was carrying within myself. Then it healed my physical body and showed me what it means to have enough physical energy. And  at the end  made a golden signature on my soul.

As many  others I also was looking.  I was looking all the time for a deeper sense of the things which were expected from me,which we all were doing and which we have been thought at school.What I saw around myself was not functional,was painful,didn´t have a depth and many times didn´t make a sense. I tried many things to find my "place on earth",because I somehow felt to be  “outside of the bowl“. Around 2004 I started to be desperate. Nothing was making me happy anymore.The money,travelling,success.......the only activity which kept me going at that time was the throwing pottery which finally  after so many years of desiring I had a chance to touch.At that time I came accross the book “Initiation“ from Elizabeth Haich.After reading this book I felt a big relief.“Thank God,this all here has a deeper meaning.“ It is hard to put in words how much relief I felt.I read the book two more times,because I was deeply touched by it.It inspired me to start practicing yoga and I started to have a very intense and strong drems,which stayed with me until the day today.Those dreams all happened in this realitry and some of them are still happening. At that time I din´t know anything about spiritual transformation and the year 2012. But during the last few days,when I looked back and started puting  the pieces together. Those dreams were the first sparrows of a communication and showing the direction from my “Higher Self“.

When I have grown to the point when it was the time to leave the job,to take off the profession  and social masks , I entered a period of my life where I had to find my own worth. Especially in front of myself. The worth that you cannot measure with “the amount of money made“ or “prestigious job position“ – but the pure worth as a being who is important  enough for  "somebody",or "something", to give it a life on Earth.

I went back to the nature I have always loved. I was spending all days in the woods gathering the herbs and wild fruits and started growing my own fruit and vegetable. Very soon I started to be happy. I realized that the Sun rises every day and we don´t pay attention to it at all. Sudenly I had a time to notice every flower blooming in the garden,feel the nature and its cycles. I started learning from her (the nature). I reconnected with mother Earth. The crystals,stones and animals came to my life – another big techers.I was happy.I didn´t need anything else. I was happy enjoying the feeling that “I am“.

But sooner or later the question had to come  “Where is the money for living going to come from?“ I felt I was growing towards somethig and that the realizations and awarness coming to me were very important,but I started to be nervous.I tried some activities I liked to do,but when I started intensively working,I felt it still was not “it“. But the existential fears are collective  very strongly rooted fears,which were shaking me into the bone marrow.And this was in December 2012 when the Sun entered into my life and I when received the first message that everything is the way it is supposed to be and that everything is going to be fine. At that moment from the biggest fear the biggest faith was born.

A very transformative year followed lived in intense connection with the Sun.In November 2013 the Sun announced it was the time for the others to get know its real power.And that was somethig I was not ready for.Honestly,I was convinced I would be doing pottery somewhere in a peaceful place,because it was somethig I have been desiring since the childhood.

At the beginning of 2014 I started experiencing another unexpected turn in life. I started receiving the news about the  people I knew and who got seriously ill. The people around me were collapsing and I started feeling a strong real compassion. I could not be happy if the others were suffering. What is happiness for if there isn´t anybody  to share it with? I started to feel the connection we all have between each other. Little by little I stopped identifying myself with the experiences of my life.I wasn´t inwardly touched by it anymore.I realized that these experiences and realizations are something that came through my being for all of us.I started to feel as a very natural thing to go and “share myself with others“,especially with those who were in need of help.I started to see myself  in each of the other person and at the same time this person seemed absolutelly unique and beautiful to me. It didn´t matter if it was an alcoholic,homeless or the president.

I understood how important it is for each of us to discover our own uniqueness and start living it because it is what we came here to do and what we all need. We won´t help to ourselves as a humanity  by copying artificially made idols,but by honoring and celebrating our own uniqueness.
The Sun was smiling and I heard that warm voice coming through my heart:  „Do you understand now?“ And I understood...I understood that I started  feeling what I have only  been reading and hearing about before.Something,that cannot be learned – UNITY!

And my previous dreams? They all had the same essence.....To go and bring the light. And the light I was sent to bring or I was at those dreams waiting for had always come in the way of the rising Sun.



Author of the article and the photography: Martina Atiriamin Christová

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