January 18,2015

The desires without a reason


At the beginning of this year I felt a strong inner desire  to knit. I can´t do it and knitting has always meant a process that took too long to be finished. I have never been attracted to sewing and knitting. But this inner desire kept growing until I put everything down and went to get the  knitting needles and the yarn. But with a huge question mark in my head. I learned the first steps of kniting on You Tube. I knit a scarf and am curious where the knitting is going to take me. Will I knitt a sweater one day? Who knows. Maybe. But it is not important at this moment. I have been enjoying the process,not the results. After a few days of knitting I realized that I like it (so far) and that when I knit, I get into a stream of new ideas,questions,inspiration and answers.I knit  a new quotes,articles and ideas,which go hand in hand with a new realizations and deeper  understandings. I knit and I make a notes.

The inner desires bring new experiences and understanding into our lifes. "New fortune". But we have to listen to them and not to rationalize them and sweep them out of the table. They are entertaining and advetures. The desires I am describing here are the desires which come from deep within unexpectedly  and without an obvious reason. These are the  desires that bring value and joy into our lifes. I am not talking about the desires we logicaly make based on fear,prejudice ,some kind of  belief or for the reason of keeping up with others. The logically created desires born out of negative reasons and motives are not the happy ones.

Three and half years ago a sudden inner desire to have a dog  rose within me. I didn´t want to have a dog,because it would mean a new limitations in my life,especially the travelling ones.From the beginning I was fighting this desire. But the desire was growing and I got the feeling of its importance in my life. I decided to follow this calling with all the consequences. Although I have to admit that unwelcomed visitor in our house was a good reason how to rationalize this decision.The Universe took care of everything and quite fast. The synchronicities for a human hardly immaginable took place and underlined the higher purpose of this desire. The puppy matching exactly my idea  was delivered with the personality traits I dreamed of. I didn´t have a clue at that time that the biggest teacher just entered my life and that our meeting was set up long,long time ago.Abby is my little Universe, which manifests my thoughts,fears, and prejudices. And all that very fast. Everything happens immediatelly and I have very soon realized  how careful I have to be about my thoughts regarding her. One day I started describing her personality and  realized  that I was describing myself and that two of us being together was going to be one big „mirroring“. The lessons of unconditional love are not easy,but she is patiently showing me the direction. It was Abby who brought me to the Sun and who looks at it with me. „ How do you manage to have her sitting by your leg and sungaze with you?“ I sometimes hear from other dog owners. I didn´t teach her that. She started doing this by her own. And the most precious time I have with her is during our quiet conversations when we are looking to each other eyes for a long time and are feeling each other. The responsibility I have towards her is a joy and the travel limitations usualy get  smoothly solved by their own in a form of comfortable solution.

Follow your unexpected inner desires,despite they are not making any sense at the moment. The reason unfolds at the right time. The desire points the direction. The unexpected desire points the direction of your unique journey. It is the  communication tool of your higher self trying to let you know that it is the time to make another step and reach a new understanding. Allow your heart to desire.




Author of an article and the photography: Martina Atiriamin Christová

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