Toxins and the spiritual growth


At a certain point of my work with the Sun,the strong  feeling I should much more detoxify my body arose. It came to me almost as an inner urgency. I felt being full of material that was creating a barrier disallowing my physical body to absorb a new-higher frequency energies.Despite being predominantly on raw vegan diet,the inner urge to detoxify my body more has brought me to waterfasting. In regard of the effect the waterfasts have on spiritual expansion,the results are more than surprising to me.The waterfasts alone are not a pleasant experience for me on the physical level,but the spiritual effects are so radical to me,that despite all the difficulties I continue doing  waterfasts with enthusiasm.

I did my first waterfast on full moon for three days.Full moon has a very cleansing effect for me by itself and often causes migranes,vomiting,stomach ache and physical weakness.I decided to start slowly and do one day of waterfast a week and one three day waterfast a month on full moons.During my second experience with the three day waterfast I stopped fasting after one day and decided not to fast on full moons anymore.The longer waterfasts seem to be easier for the woman´s body to handle in the follicular phase of menstrual cycle,which is the phase right after when the period is over and takes 7-10 days.In this phase the levels of hormones are  at their lowest point,the body has a lots of energy and can easily handle physical challenges rather than in other phases of the cycle.Also the body has the best ability to detoxify itself in this phase. It is recommended  to remineralize and support the body with the food like seaweed,bancha tea and beetroot during the menstruation phase before the waterfast.

The toxins are substances soluble in fat.The liver transforms these fat soluble substances into water soluble in order for the body to remove them out of the body through urine,sweat and stool.If the body is overloaded with toxins and the liver and the organs of elimination can´t eliminate such a load out of the body,the toxins are stored in fat cells.The reason for storing the toxins in fat cells is to protect the heart,brain and other organs from excessive toxic environment of the body.This is also one of the reasons why the body keeps this extra “hard to loose“ fat layer.Our body protects the brain, heart and other organs from toxic environment in the first place. This is why it holds the fat cells so stubbornly – as a safe storage place for the toxic material. In such a case it is hard for us to loose this extra weight.

The toxins are also disruptors of countless electromagnetic fields of our body.They  disrupt the electromagnetic communication process of biophotons, which are the “living light” in cells. This disruption then causes abnormal electromagnetic resonances, affecting how our body generates electromagnetic fields. These toxins also interfere with the communication process of cells, because they act like a kind of electrical noise in our body. Our energy fields play an important role for our health, because they are some of the major systems of our energy body that act like a communication network, allowing our  mind, body, and cells to communicate and work more in unison.

It might be very difficult  to sungaze during the waterfast. In such a case it is recommended not to sungaze and continue with the practise after finishing the fast.



Source: http://www.in5d.com/how-toxins-harm-your-energy-field.html

Author of the article and the photography: Martina Atiriamin Christová

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