March 26,2015

The Curious Angel

The angel approaches a soul,who has just left his physical body and asks impantiently:“ Please tell mi how does it feel to smell the flowers, to touch the bark of the trees, to feel the drops of a warm rain and sunrays on your skin, to let yor body float in a lake, to see sunrise and sunset, to walk under the stars, to feel the wind in your hair, to hear the birds and listen to the song of a creek in the woods? How do the berries taste, the touch of the grass on your feet  and hugging loved person feels?“
The soul thinks for a while and than looks sadly at the angel. You know, all that you are asking about, for all that I didn´t have a time.
What would you say to curious angel?



Author of the article and the photography: Martina Menšíková
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