Emotions as a language of the Soul


Has it ever happened to you that you experienced something that has brought up a power within you that made your heart beat faster and forced tears into your eyes? Did you ask what this force was, where it came from and why it did this to you? Did it occur to you that your soul was trying to catch your attention through this strong emotion because it had something to say to you about what it just saw? Maybe your soul saw a story which it has been desiring to experience for a long time and you have never given it a chance because those around you already prepared different story for your  life according to a given social model.  And so you find yourself in a situation one day when you turn around to find out that you live with a person you don´t really love, have children you didn't really want to have, have a good position in a group of people you have nothing in common with; have a nice new house where you don´t want to return and a job your parents have chosen for you a long time ago. You realize that you are so lost that you don´t even know what kind of life you really desire to live.


The heart and our physical bodies are an interpreters who pass on our soul´s messages through the language of feelings and emotions.  This is why we have these moments of seeing a story of real happy life lasting love or a story of fulfilled wildest dream when our soul cries and lets us know its wishes. We came here to experience what we desire. Our soul knows that and through strong emotions it is asking for its right.  It is our soul to whom we will confess one day. That is why it comes in certain moments of our life to confront our heart through which it speaks to us.

You don´t need reasons for your desires. You will usually see them when your dream is fulfilled.  And this is the problem – we always look for the reasons to give to ourselves and to those around us.  But at the beginning your heart is giving you  only one reason and that is a good feeling and excitement which you can feel when you think of your fulfilled dream. If you keep looking for logical reasons you will get lost in the world of illusion and sooner or later put family, professional and social masks on in order to loose yourself in a crowd of meritocracy -  weak, ill and unhappy.

The only real happiness, health, strength and love comes from fulfilled purpose of your soul, never from fulfilling the expectations of the others.


Emotions are not something we should be ashamed of and suppress. Feelings and emotions are the indicators showing us if the direction we took is in harmony with our soul or not. They are indicating the right path to reach our dream. This journey is not always easy, it is for the courageous ones, and for those who know real happiness.

You can start following your dream, desire and happiness anytime. If you do not know how, start with your heart; take care of it as a little alive being within yourself who, as the only one, knows your truth. Talk to it, protect it and do not betray it. Start now! Don't wait! Go! Run!



Author of the article and the photography: Martina Atiriamin Christová
English correction: Jesse Field Call

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