Who and  What the Goddess Is

Who and  what is the Goddess? Where  can we find her and why do we hear this term more and more often?

For a long time I didn´t know who and what the Goddess is. Hearing this word and not understanding,it started irritating me.I have been hearing and reading  about women and female energy a lot,but I have never understood how is “the real woman“ supposed to look like and be like. I felt very,very confused,because I didn´t know if she should be the one taking care of a house and keep the fire going in the fireplace and cooperating with a man or if she is supposed to be that independent,strong figure working hard to change the world.My confusion grew even bigger when I realized that my perception of an ideal woman since childhood  for me was a woman living alone in the woods, carrying a bow and arrows and being accompanied by the Sun,the Moon, Stars and wild animals.I haven´t found anybody to give me the answers to my questions in a way that would make a sense to me.

I started asking myself why I chose to be a woman in this incarnation. And who and what  the Goddess is.Here is my story how I got to understand who and what Goddess is -  in a way she has been introduces to me.

I have received the answer to my question who and what the Goddess is and what she represents in a meditation.I was standing in the middle of a meadow surrounded by the woods where I like to go often with my dog. There was a big mirror in a thick golden frame. In the mirror like in the picture there was a beautiful woman in a long dress standing and looking directly at me. She looked very Celtic and no wonder,because the area where this was taking place is a place of an antient Celts. 

„What do you see?“  I have been asked. 

I described this beautiful woman. 

„AND WHAT DO YOU FEEL?“  I heard another question. 

I started concentrating on my feelings regarding the woman I saw in the picture-mirror. Oh,she is very strong – intrinsically strong,fully centered.She is CONSCIOUS – aware of her strenght,she understands the universal laws that she honours and is aware of her mission.She is connected with the Earth as well as with the whole Universe.The love,compassion,understanding, and sympathizing  emanates out of this woman.She is in alignment with everything that is and that is what drawns everything alive to her regarding  the wild animals and other beings of the nature.This woman is a master of conscious creation – manifestation.She doesn´t need a man on her side to satisfy her desires and fill up a spare moments.But she is aware that part of her mission is to connect a man with the Divine.She does that with great love and understanding. If she doesn´t have a man on her side who understands this and who doesn´t use her energy consciously and in a constructive way,she gets a feeling of a great futility.This woman is not searching for a man – partner.She knows that adequately matured and conscious man will be brought to her by the Universe. The Universe will find a way for two of them to meet.This woman will not support a man who will abuse her energy for trivialities-consciously or unconsciously. 

She is aware that her other mission is to give a new life and she approaches this task with the biggest responsibility and honor. 

She does not follow limited rules and laws which are not in an alignment with the Divine principle. 

The Goddess is one of the original essences of a woman as the Creator made her and intended her to be. 

This woman is hidden in a cellular memory of all women and starts to be heard once the woman reaches a certain level of a spiritual awareness. The Goddess  is real.It is a woman which can be met again on the journey back to the Divine.This is the woman we have lost and deflected from during the descension period on Earth.IT IS A LIVE ENERGY. 

After this experience other questions started coming to my mind.I have met a Goddess,but still...for me the perception of a real woman was a woman living in the woods,carring the bow and arrows,surrounded with wild animals. But why does she carry the bow and arrows then? I felt that the bow and arrows were not meant for killing. It was more like a symbol.

It was a night before the full moon in gemini and was very bright.That evening I was bugged with a question which arose in my head after hearing  a sentence in a video. The sentence said:  A woman having a menstruation is dangerous.It was full moon and I was having a menstruation. 

„Why is a menstruating woman dangerous? What is the huge power I hear about women have but nobody specifies?“ 

„Create!“ I was literally ordered. 

At first I didn´t understand. Shall I go to draw a picture or something? Now? So late? As I was laying in the bed,I was doing visualizations of what I want  to manifest in my life.I always do this before I fall asleep.But those visualizations were very real,my mind very strong,the veils between the dimensions were falling down and everything was very, very “real“. 

„Why is menstruating woman dangerous?“ 

„Think!“ I heard the answer. 

„Am I supposed to think? I thought I was supposed to feel,not think.“ 

„Sometimes it is good to think.“ 

Yes, the Universe has a sense of a humor.And so I started to think.....The menstrual blood is sterile and very nutritious – life giving. The vital energy  that was inside of a woman prepared for accepting a new life is leaving the body.And in this vital – life giving energy – phase of a month cycle – is woman present while having a menstruation. If we add the strong creative energy of the Moon which the Moon has when it is full and a woman connected with these energies consciously using them,we get a very,very strong creative potential. 

And at that moment I got it. This is why my visualizations regarding the feelings and emotions were so „vital“. Suddenly I started to remember very old knowledge of using the mestrual blood. 

I felt asleep. Around a three o´clock in the morning  the Moon shining through the little hole in the blinds directly between my eyes woke me up.Despite being tired and having stomach ache I could not sleep anymore.The Moon made me to get up,open the window and look at it.Abby( my big black schnauzer) with me. She leaned her front paws on the window sill and was enjoying the view. The sky was clear,dark blue and the Stars were shining like the dimonds. We were looking at the Orion belt and beloved Sirius.The Moon was shining above the horizon like the Sun. 

„Come to the woods“ the Moon asked me.( I live by the woods) 

This was my first communication with the Moon.Abby immediately made a turn and went to waith at the door.Her tail wiggling.I felt I was entering another part of my journey. It was three o´clock in the morning,three degrees below the zero and ,I didn´t feel well and wanted to go to sleep.For this reason I decided not to go to the woods this time despite feeling the deep inner desire to do so. 

The calling of the dark woods was so intense that my regular walks with Abby in the woods moved to later evening hours when it is dark already at this time of the year.And experiencing the first trip like this I understood why I have to do it and what this is about. 

„You have to learn to see in the darkness“ I was told. 

But by seeing in the darkness wasn´t meant to see with my eyes  but rather to awake my deeper feelings and instincts,to accept and love the darkness  as a part of the Universe having its rightful place here.To feel the energies of the different sections of the woods. Thanks to my previous work with the Sun I managed to get rid of the fear.And because of that I can walk in the darkness in the woods comfortably like during the day. There are no words to describe how beautiful understanding and acceptance is born in darkness.How beautiful it is to learn to have a confident walk when you can´t see anything.

There is a lot going on in the darkness of the woods.It is not an intention of this article to write about what is happening there,but there is one thing I experienced  that surprised me a lot and I would like to share.I realized (experienced)  that the darker places(sections) of the woods I was entering the higher my vibration was spontaneously rising. 

With each trip in the darkenss I feel I am returning home as a different being.I have been observing the same with Abby. Her instincts are getting sharper and she is fully absorbed by everything around her.She returns home completely wild – uncontrollable. 

When you stop to fear the darkness and your own shaddows,you don´t fear the shaddows of others. 

One morning I felt like to post some nice native american proverb on facebook.I found one I liked quite quickly on the internet.It said: 

Thoughts are like arrows: once released,they strike their mark.Guard them well or one day you may be your own victim. /Navajo proverb/ 

I was looking for a picture for this proverb to post on facebook and I kept bumping into the pictures of women with the bow and the arrows commented as “the power of woman“.And after a while  realized ,what I needed. This is the symbol of the bow and arrows. The arrows represent the sent out thoughts. These arrows shot out by the menstruating woman at full moon are extremely “sharp“ and stoutly hit their target. 

I tried to find the connection between the Goddess and a Wild Woman. I understood that they are not one and the same. Very soon I have also met the Witch and the Old Woman.They all exist and cover my back during my walks in the darkness of the woods. To bring them back to life,heal them,connect with them and accept them again is a process. – it is a journey.It is a personal evolution full of inner changes. It is something,that cannot be learned. 

The journey to bring the woman´s archetypes back to life and connect with them is a painfull and difficult task.At certain point on the way to “them“ you will face the female collective consciousness at places where it is painfull and difficult to go. All the harm and suffering    women experienced during the past thousands of years will come to surface in a form of a deep traumas. 

Re-experiencing the traumas and pain triggers a healing,forgiveness and ability to love a man again. ALL OF THIS IS BEING HEALED THROUGH THE WOMEN´S SOULS,BODIES AND HEARTS. It is also one of the reasons why the bodies of women are so damaged today and why women undergo so many surgeries of reproductive organs in a very hight numbers. 

A consciouss woman influences and supports all men around her.Partners,co-workers,relatives or friends.Any little kindness toward a woman from a man at this time is a tremendous support and help. As being said in one of the quotations circulating on social networks....the woman deeply appreciates a man who makes sure that she can walk safely on Earth.She doesn´t need material security,but she needs to feel safe. 

Warning: This article is under no circumstances an appeal  and guideline on how to walk in the woods at night! Please understand that such an activity requires preparation,certain knowledge and  skills.


Author: Martina Atiriamin Christová​

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